A message from Chef Philip Wenzel, ACF Junior League Chair 2015

"Thank you to everyone who participated in the Chef Showcase! This has been a local community event for 21 years, and the level of culinary professionalism this year was outstanding.  I got an email from the Junior League, and it looks like we were successful in the proceeds we received from the event.  I do not know exactly how much exactly, but it looks like it is on par with previous years, which is wonderful.  We were pleased with the great variety, the decor the chefs brought and the generosity of those who offered packages to be auctioned off to help our local chefs and culinary students."

" One of the biggest reasons I love doing this event is that it brings our talented local restaurants in touch with people who are wanting to try new restaurants and give a different option to usual places.  There were so many times I heard, 'I never knew of this restaurant, but now that I do, I will definitely eat there more often.'   Now all that I ask, is that everyone take advantage of using the proceeds to educate and better our local culinary community."


Please take a look at some photos of the evening. If you have any pictures please feel free to pass onto April Howell.